Scott Riley

Scott Riley is a real estate broker who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and has for many years worked on a variety of projects with the Cochiti Education Department and the Cochiti Summer Language programs.  As the only non-educator on the Board, he brings an outside perspective and is depended upon to give input into the facility- and business-related issues that concern KCLC.  He is deeply dedicated to the long-term vision of KCLC and to the people, especially the children, of Cochiti.


“The idea that somehow the culture and language of the Cochiti people will not be perpetuated is simply unacceptable.  KCLC has the opportunity to become a model of how to stem and reverse the patterns of cultural demise being experienced by so many of our indigenous populations.  I believe it is our obligation, as non-Natives, to assist in the empowerment of tribal efforts to stem the tide of cultural and language loss. It is time for us to cease trying to educate these children, and give the Cochiti people the assistance and freedom to do it themselves.” – Scott Riley