Our Board of Directors – ACTIVE MEMBERS

At its inception in 2006, Keres Children’s Learning Center chose to operate as a not-for-profit [501(c)3]—first and foremost to protect the mission of KCLC, which has always been to help revitalize the Cochiti Keres language. We have historically not accepted federal education or state education funds because those funds are tied to testing in English. Therefore, KCLC has had to operate as a 501(c)3 to raise the money to open and sustain KCLC. Our Board of Directors oversees the overall governance and operations of KCLC. We also have an advisory board (made up of many KCLC founding board members, including Dr. Joseph Suina, Dr. Eunice Romero Little, Dr. Rebecca Blum Martinez, Dr. Lily Wong Fillmore, and Scott Riley) who stand by to offer support and advice.

Our Board of Directors play a significant part in helping us serve our community:

Kevin Beltran

Trisha's Board of Directors 2023

Board Member

Consultant – Tewa Woman United

“To me, KCLC is providing our children with the tools and knowledge both through culture and language that has been passed on for generations within our Pueblo communities. I’m proud and honored to be part of KCLC’s board because it is an inspiring example of what can be done with a collective effort to pass down our Pueblo Heritage for generations to come.”

Jeremy Ryan Aliason, JD

Trisha's Board of Directors 2023

Board Member

Lewis & Clark Law School – Juris Doctor

University Scholar at the University of Oklahoma

Seminole Nation of Oklahoma Member

“I love that KCLC uses a holistic approach to education. The curriculum, implementation, and staff all contribute to helping the children achieve success. The use of the Keres language as the basis of communication intentionally values the whole child, including how they think, dream, and live in their community. Providing education in a child’s native language creates equity in an American educational system designed to culturally homogenize students.

I’m excited to be part of the board because I’d love to contribute my knowledge so that I can improve and support the school and its endeavors about indigenous education.”

Trisha Moquino

Trisha's Board of Directors 2023

Co-Founder KCLC

Education Director

Keres Children’s Learning Center

“I am grateful and blessed to work with these dedicated human beings whose leadership helps to realize my original vision for KCLC and its mission.”

Teresa Quintana

Trisha's Board of Directors 2023

Board Member

Vice President for the Office of Economic Empowerment at HELPNM

“Being involved with KCLC has been a part of my life since it was a dream of the founder, Trisha Moquino. I believed and saw the need for such a program and how amazing for it to be housed in our Pueblo. As we see our community struggling with language revitalization, the concept of teaching children and families at the onset of a child’s education pathway, builds a culturally rooted and holistic approach to education. As a Board Member, I will be able to strengthen my knowledge of the system which KCLC operates. This will elevate my understanding and will give power to my voice in advocacy for all Indigenous communities and their efforts to provide cultural and sustainable educational opportunities for our youth.”

Matt Pecos

Trisha's Board of Directors 2023

Board Member

“What makes me hopeful is knowing the children are continuing to learn our language, culture and traditions. I like that the children are continuing with this young learning at such a young age.”