Guiding Principles

KCLC supports traditional Cochiti life and values.

  • KCLC reflects the principles, values, and beliefs of what it means to be a Cochiti person.
  • KCLC supports the development of children’s identity as Cochiti members, fosters their citizenship in, and encourages their positive contribution to the community.
  • KCLC’s board acknowledges the primacy of the community’s leadership, both spiritual and secular.
  • KCLC strives to collaborate with and be part of the Pueblo de Cochiti’s language revitalization efforts in order to maintain the continuity of the children’s language and cultural learning.
  • KCLC’s activities are guided by the Traditional calendar.
  • KCLC follows and supports the traditional teaching that it is first the responsibility of the family to give the gift of the Keres language.
  • KCLC recognizes that family life will come first. Family life includes parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family members, other important relationships (such as godparents), and the family we create through traditional ceremonies.
  • KCLC always values and nurtures the relationships between grandparent and child through genuine interaction.
  • KCLC supports parents in their Keres language learning by providing genuine opportunities to use the language with their child.
  • KCLC assists families in developing strong, vibrant, and sustainable bilingualism and biculturalism through the Montessori Method.

Primacy of Keres: All activities take place in Keres, using the immersion method as adopted by the Cochiti Tribal Council.

  • KCLC supports the learning and use of English to advance academic learning, but not at the expense of Keres.
  • KCLC believes that a strong foundation in Keres supports later learning, including the learning of English and English literacy.

KCLC believes that Pueblo children are gifted learners with the potential for developing high critical thinking skills, problem solving capacities, and innovation.

  • KCLC believes learning should be enjoyable and dynamic.
  • KCLC finds the Montessori Method and principles of learning to be compatible with Cochiti beliefs about children and how they learn.
  • KCLC uses the Montessori Method’s Planes of Development in conjunction with traditional Cochiti beliefs on socialization and child development to develop the whole child.
  • KCLC nurtures children’s cognitive, linguistic, socio-cultural, physical, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional development.
  • KCLC provides opportunities for children to develop as creative and independent learners.
  • KCLC addresses discipline in a respectful and appropriate manner that reflects Cochiti perspectives and Montessori theories.

Teachers should be role models by participating in the community, speaking Keres everywhere, sharing knowledge humbly, reflecting the values of family first and life-long learning from one another, and practicing excellence and compassion in all they do.

  • KCLC teachers strive for excellence in their teaching by continually seeking knowledge and new and creative ways of teaching.
  • KCLC supports a nurturing environment for teachers, enabling them to learn from each other, allowing them to fully develop their creative, intellectual, and linguistic capacities.

KCLC is committed to fiscal responsibility and integrity.

  • Our accounting firm is 501CPA.
  • Our auditors are Schlenker & Cantwell, P.A.

KCLC practices traditional Cochiti beliefs about food, food preparation, eating, serving, and exercise.

  • KCLC believes it is important to train children’s minds and palates through good nutrition and cooking experiences at school by preparing and tasting healthful alternatives to unhealthy foods.
  • KCLC supports families in developing healthy eating habits.
  • KCLC provides children authentic opportunities for movement and other physical activities that will help prevent future health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and coronary disease.

Traditional values support the healthy development of children in daily life.