Mentor–Apprentice Program

In 2018, KCLC received a 3-year Esther Martinez Immersion grant from the Administration for Native Americans to develop a Mentor-Apprentice program for the parents of KCLC children to support the parents’ intensive Keres-language learning, engaging community Elders as mentors.  The project creates methods and expands opportunities for intergenerational exchange of Keres in every context, from traditional to household, with the ultimate goal being to strengthen people’s daily use of Keres and stimulate community-level, cross-generational Keres fluency.

In this first year of implementation, four parents—three moms and one dad—have been working with five Elders, doing everything from sewing, shopping, cooking, and childcare to participating together in community events.  At the end of this year, the program will be evaluated by all participants and changes made for the second year of implementation in 2020–2021.