Why Parents Choose KCLC…

KCLC offers Cochiti children the best of both worlds—the opportunity to learn through their heritage Keres language while simultaneously accessing a world-recognized academic curriculum that challenges their intellect and values their whole being.

The KCLC parent community offers support for parents in Keres, in Cochiti culture, and in values. Parents gather twice a month to nurture their own language and encourage each other in their commitment to KCLC’s mission.

KCLC works! Our children demonstrate that they can be fluent Keres speakers and good students. They are happy and healthy, caring and kind, intelligent and independent.


Admissions Process

We are pleased that you are considering enrolling your child at KCLC. We will be happy to greet you and welcome you into the KCLC school community. Here is some information that will smooth your transition to KCLC.

Welcome Interviews

To get the school year off to a good start in a good way, parents of new Primary children will be invited to an interview conversation prior to their child starting school.  KCLC will contact families individually.


KCLC charges a tuition, which helps the school provide meals and other support services.

$40 ($30 for a second child) is due the first Tuesday of each month. KCLC accepts cash, check, or credit cards. Tuition can be paid to Executive Assistant Jerome Garcia.

Parent Seminar

Below is the Parent Seminar schedule for 2023-2024.  Seminars occur on Monday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 at KCLC unless otherwise indicated.


Fall Semester Spring Semester
August 9 (6:00 Orientation)

September 11

September 25

October 9

October 23

November 6-7 (Symposium)

November 20

December 5 (Winter Play)

December 18

January 8

January 22

February 5

February 26

March 11

March 25

April 8

April 22

May 15 (Last Day for Children)


Here are some highlights from the Parent Handbook that you need to know:



KCLC provides breakfast for children every day and lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Mondays and Fridays, we ask that families send healthy lunches, such as left-overs, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The following foods are examples of foods not allowed: heavily processed foods such as jello, fruit in sugar syrup, Lunchables, fruit roll-ups, and corn dogs. Children have access to having their lunches warmed on Mondays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, because dismissal is at 11:30, children don’t eat lunch at school.

Primary Children Need/ Elementary Children Need

Children in the Primary need the following items: slippers, a change of clothes (in case of accidents), a bed sheet, blanket, and pillow. Elementary children need slippers and a water bottle or mug.

Iiwas Playhouse

KCLC offers an after-care program, “Iiwas Playhouse,” until 5:45 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. This program is optional for any family who wishes to participate. It allows children to continue some of the learning that happens in the daytime program, and it offers enriching activities and language support. The cost is $110 per month per child.

We are pleased to have your child join KCLC’s student body and to have you join the parent community. We look forward to your active participation.

Children typically enter KCLC through the Primary classroom, which is for children ages 2½ through 6. We have rolling admissions and accept children into our Primary class throughout our August through May school year.

Steps to Admissions to Primary

  1. Schedule a visit
  2. Pick up an application at KCLC.
  3. Schedule a conversation with Education Director and Administrator.


Steps to Admissions to Elementary

KCLC has an annual opportunity to join the KCLC Elementary classroom, which is for children ages 6 through 12.

Admission to the Elementary classroom is generally restricted to children coming from KCLC’s Primary classroom of our commitment to our mission, sound dual-language immersion theory, and the Montessori Method.

However, KCLC accepts applications for 1 new-to-KCLC student from Cochiti Pueblo every year in March. The application process is the following:

  1. Schedule a visit
  2. Pick up an application at KCLC. Completed applications must be received by March 30.
  3. KCLC Administration reviews applications. Child is chosen by lottery on March 31.
  4. Once the child is selected, the child and his/her family are interviewed by KCLC Elementary staff.
  5. An observation date will be set for the family to observe the classroom. The observation is followed by 2 or more half-day visits to the Elementary classroom over the next weeks, and parents will visit at least one Parent Seminar.
  6. Before the end of May, staff and family create a Support Plan that includes weekly check-in conversations for the first month of school, to make the transition to KCLC as smooth and successful as possible.


KCLC Parent Expectations

We ask parents to be actively involved in the school, which supports the children and the whole community in the language revitalization effort.

We ask Parents to:

  • Understand that KCLC is grounded in the Keres saying, Iiwas Katrutsini, “for the sake of our children…”
  • Practice a love of Cochiti language, traditions, values, and culture
  • Practice a love of life-long learning
  • Participate in village life consistently
  • Attend twice-monthly KCLC family seminars
  • Tend to the school site by helping to clean the school site, make materials, etc.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures stated in the Parent Handbook
  • Pay monthly tuition in the amount of $40.00 per child
  • Pack a healthy lunch for child on Mondays and Fridays and provide healthy snacks for the class according to a rotating schedule
  • Provide child’s transportation to the school site