Working Together with Pueblo de Cochiti

The Keres Children’s Learning Center works closely with the Cochiti Governors’ Office and the Cochiti Tribal Council to create a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship so that young children and their families can develop a healthy and sustaining English/Keres bilingualism and biculturalism.  The Keres Children’s Learning Center recognizes that Keres language plays a critical role in all aspects of Pueblo de Cochiti’s traditional and communal life.  KCLC acknowledges first and foremost that the Keres language of Cochiti is the intellectual property of the Tribe and administers the teaching and learning of Keres with the full blessing and permission of the Tribal Council.  While KCLC is a private organization, it acknowledges the primacy of the community’s leadership in both secular and religious matters and will consult the Tribe on those matters.  Secondly, KCLC acknowledges that the teaching and learning of Keres is the primary responsibility of the family and the community.  KCLC seeks to support that learning by providing an educational environment where children can continue to hear and use Keres.

KCLC continues to support community wide Keres language learning, teaching, and use by coordinating and hosting community wide Keres immersion events.  These events include outdoor classroom, mentor apprentice, winter play, and open houses.

Pueblo de Cochiti continues to support the efforts of KCLC in several ways.  The first is the grant of land for a permanent school campus within the residential boundaries of Pueblo de Cochiti.  Tribal departments support the students of KCLC by partnering around activities for environmental wellness, farming and gardening, sustainable energy efforts, and access to tribal resources.

KCLC is grateful for the blessing and support of Pueblo de Cochiti Tribal Council and Leadership.