Rebecca Blum Martínez

Professor Rebecca Blum Martínez holds a Ph.D. in Education, with a specialization in bilingualism and second language acquisition, from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Blum Martinez’s scholarship focuses on Spanish/English bilingualism and in language revitalization in indigenous communities. She has worked with southwest indigenous communities for over 15 years. She also directs the Latin American Projects in Education for the College of Education, an office that facilitates mutually beneficial projects between Latin American institutions and the College of Education. Dr. Blum Martinez was recently selected to direct the Multicultural Education Center for the College of Education.

“KCLC seeks to instill the values, traditions and language of the Pueblo of Cochiti in young children while allowing them to explore, experiment and grow. This is the kind of education we all wish for all children!” – Dr. Rebecca Blum Martinez