Working Together: Pueblo de Cochiti and the Keres Children’s Learning Center

There is a Memorandum of Understanding between the Pueblo of Cochiti and the Keres Children’s Learning Center that has been agreed upon by both parties, Keres Children’s Learning Center and the Pueblo de Cochiti Tribal Council.


Family and Community

Before the dam was built, family and communal farming of the land was a major economic activity. What was life in Cochiti like in those days? One person who was a child during the pre-dam period recalls a time when family members worked together in their fields. He recalls fields of corn alongside plots planted with chili peppers and squash. Most of all, he remembers golden melons growing in the sun. Children who were tempted to pinch a ripening melon from a neighbor’s field restrained themselves, knowing that they would eventually be invited to share in the bounty. The children waited until they saw the work of harvesting begin. Then they would offer their services, knowing that the reward for helping harvest the field would be juicy slices of melon, as much as they could eat. Learn more

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