Training Courses

 IMI offers two tracks of training over the course of one year: Philosophy of Indigenous Education (PIE) and Montessori training. Each track requires a separate application and tuition.  Through the Keres Children’s Learning Center, a number of scholarships are available to enrolled members of any tribe.  Tracks are interwoven throughout the training year to provide Montessori training through the lens of an Indigenous worldview.


Philosophy of Indigenous (PIE)

The PIE track delivers around 10 training modules, one in each of the Keres Children’s Learning Center’s fundamental principles.  These include:

  • Anti-racist, anti-biased training and approaches to education
  • Indigenous education models
  • Intergenerational learning and teaching
  • Indigenous language immersion models
  • Indigenous Knowledge systems
  • Education achievement and success
  • Culturally Sustaining PedagogiesG

Tuition: $3,500.00
Application link: https:

Montessori Training

The Montessori training track focuses on developing the whole child in the following areas:

  • Montessori philosophy
  • Principles of child development
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Grace and Courtesy
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • An interdisciplinary approach to the study of:
    • geography (geology, chemistry, physics)
    • biology (botany, zoology, ecology)
    • history
    • language
    • mathematics (arithmetic, geometry, algebra)
    • music
    • art

Application info will be posted here March 31, 2020
Application Fee: $150.00
Foundation course: $2,000.00 (If applicable)
Tuition: $15,000.00 – Elementary Level Training


How You’ll Learn

  • Interactive PIE modules and discussions
  • Lectures on Montessori philosophy and pedagogy
  • Demonstrations of the use of scientifically designed Montessori materials
  • Extensive hands-on practice with the materials
  • 3 weeks of classroom observation in Montessori schools
  • 4 weeks of student teaching
  • Material making and classroom curriculum development

2019-2020 Training Calendar