Our Staff Members

Keres Children’s Learning Center (KCLC) strives to reclaim our children’s education and honor our heritage by using a comprehensive cultural and academic curriculum to assist families in nurturing Keres-speaking, holistically healthy, community minded, and academically strong students.

Trisha Moquino
Co-Founder/Education Director
Keres-speaking Montessori Guide

“I love working at KCLC because children have the opportunity to realize their whole salves inclusive of language and culture. It makes me so happy to hear our emerging bilinguals (Keres/English) and to be a witness to their joyfulness. So much hope.”

Maria Elena Arquero
Keres Language and Cultural Teacher

“I’m happy and proud that the children are learning to talk our Keres language and they are eager to learn. I like that our teachings are teaching them the Cochiti Pueblo ways of life. All our teachings are based on our daily lives as Cochiti people.”

Anita Suina
Keres Language and Cultural Teacher

“KCLC is a one of a kind institute. It carries everything a child needs to learn. I’m proud to be part of KCLC’s daily achievements and hopefully the iiwas will be able to carry on our language and traditions. Each day we do our best to support and honor our heritage and our language by the iiwas and the community speak our Keres language.”

Bernard Suina
Keres Language and Cultural Teacher

“I like KCLC because I can teach what I want to teach. I can teach things that are culturally related to the Cochiti People. I am proud of the children and the effort they are putting into learning the Keres Language.”

Joseph Ulee Quintana
Keres Language and Cultural Teacher

“I like KCLC because I have a job teaching the kids what they have to know. First, talking Keres and second, learning the traditions and customs. If you don’t know these things then you’re lost, so hopefully starting with the kids we have now, they’ll be the example of our teaching efforts at KCLC.”

Rolinda Chavez
Primary Keres Speaking Montessori Guide
Katie Kitchens
English-Speaking Elementary Montessori Guide
Loretta Cordero
Cultural Language Teacher/Cook

“KCLC gives me hope when I hear the children talking in Keres. I love that KCLC allows and encourages our Cochiti children to be Cochiti children without having to choose between or alter in excelling at all academics, here at KCLC they can do both. I feel like the Montessori method fits into our way of life, we want our children to be confident, independent and their own person and that’s what KCLC and the Montessori method helps our children with.”

Kemara Williams
iiwas Playhouse Coordinator

” I like working at KCLC because I get to work with children, learn more about the language, and relearn our traditions.”

Jerome Garcia
Executive Assistant

“I love that we all learn with and from each other, students and staff. It makes me proud to know that people from all over come to visit KCLC and that we set a great example of reclaiming our education. I support KCLC’s mission because it supports our own way of life and how we hope to raise our own families.”

Tracey Cordero
IMI Director

“KCLC is the best of both worlds where Cochiti kids get to be Cochiti kids 100%, without having to choose between being strong Cochiti kids or strong students. At KCLC they get to be both.”

Jerome Garcia
Administrative Assistant

“KCLC is a place where Cochiti kids can learn our language first hand and can get the education they need to succeed in the two worlds we as Indigenous people live in. I’m happy to see that parents and their kids are wanting to learn our language when not in the home and this makes me hopeful for the future of Cochiti people and our traditions.”

Mara Matteson

I love that KCLC does education the way that works for children and the community honoring the whole child, the language and community the child comes from, not in isolation, but in an intergenerational community setting

Dr. Curtis Chavez
Development Director
Paul Quintana
Joanna Hird
Recreational Teacher

“There’s such a positive and genuine atmosphere here. I’m fortunate to be a part of the good-natured and caring KCLC team.”

Jacob Chavez
Special assignment
Joelle Cordero
Special assignment
Rex Coriz
Special assignment
Deollo Johnson
Movement Teacher

“I like the warm, and supportive environment. The staff are genuinely good-hearted with strong positive intents for the young ones. the children are growing in a place that nurtures their highest expression.”