Indigenous Montessori Network

Purpose Statement:

To ensure Indigenous education keeps language and culture at the forefront while honoring our kinship systems and the way we historically and traditionally raised our babies, children, and youth, recognizing that early childhood is the foundational period. At the core of all Indigenous education and growth, our language, culture, families, community, values and beliefs that honor the interconnectedness of all things; inclusive of the integration of spiritual knowledge and inter-generational learning through a holistic approach.


Our hope is to exercise educational sovereignty by supporting community driven Indigenous education models/systems of learning.

We believe Educational Sovereignty can be achieved through transforming Indigenous Education by creating access and opportunities for self-actualization within models of learning rooted in healing and supportive environments.

IMN Offers:

  • Mentorship – one on one support calls among Montessori/Early Childhood/Language teachers
  • Training – Montessori training, Philosophy of Indigenous Education, Immersion techniques, Second Language acquisition, School start up
  • Advocacy-Work for systems and policy change, (i.e. BIE, Head Start, Public Schools centering Language and Culture)
  • Technical assistance – Best practices and coaching around methods, school start up, etc.
  • Database – comprehensive contact list of Montessori/Early Childhood programs with a focus on Immersion


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For more information contact:

Povi Mitchell
(505) 418-6767